We represent the best genetic in the region, ensuring the best quality in logs. Working with Elliottii, Taeda and Eucalyptus Grandis (branch free / up to 8 feet tall).


Your strategic partner in the Southern Hemisphere with exclusive exporting affiliations and capabilities of certified more than 42.000 hectares.


We only work with suppliers that guarantee premium quality, are environmentally consciousness and guarantee timely delivery.



Pine Elliottii, Pine Taeda, Pine Hondurensis, Pine Caribea; Eucalyptus Grandis, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Dunni
Certificación: Available upon request
Moisture Content: Green, Air Dry
Dimensions: 20-25-30+ x 2400-5600-11800 mm
Bark: Bark off or Bark on
Comments: products tailored to each individual specification

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